Cognitive Forge

A game studio based in Melbourne

About us

Our Mission

Formed at the conclusion of 2011, Cognitive Forge is a small, part time independent software studio based in Victoria, Australia. As fellow gamers, we go by what's unique and fun to play, using our small-scale to become agile in delivering unique experiences that challenge the way you think.

In order to pay the bills and support collaborators in the long term we have taken to contract work, but continue to passionately work on our games part time.

We listen to feedback, constantly striving to make games and other software applications as much of an epic success as possible.


Active Members:

Anthony Liew - Co-founder, programmer

Both obsessive programmer and project manager at Cognitive Forge as well as current webmaster of this site.

He has 1.5 years of work experience in mobile app and web development for ZyNet and the Health Consultancy. In addition to this, he has several years of experience in freelance game design.

Contract programmer for hire.
Please see his Resume for more details.

Main Contributors

Jessica Turner

A talented artist based in Melbourne who contributed multiple art pieces to Aura of Worlds project.

Beau Lovett

A skilled artist based in Victoria who contributed multiple assets to the Aura of Worlds project.

Lachlan Cartlan

An talented artist who contributed the art for the turret/drone and plenty of research and prototypes for the Aura of Worlds project.


Currently working on updating the Minecraft mods to 1.5 and beyond whilst Anthony is away.

Former Members:

Aaron Start - Co-founder, programmer

Graduating from The University of Melbourne in 2011, Aaron specialises in not wearing shoes and game design. He helped co-found the studio in 2012, and was the mind behind the design of Catapolt. Sadly Aaron is no longer with is, he had to leave to pursue a different road...


All enquiries, about contract work and our projects can be directed to:

Cognitive Forge